[xubuntu-users] 2. Re: USB Mobile Problems

Rob Ward rl.ward at bigpond.com
Mon Aug 3 13:23:03 UTC 2015

On 03/08/15 22:52, Andrew Diamond wrote:
> This is probably the first thing you tried, but have you tried on ALL 
> available USB ports?  I was scratching my head for sometime, trying to 
> connect my S4 to my machine unsuccessfully.  Finally, one day I tried 
> a usb port on the other side of the machine, and like magic, it 
> worked.  Why, I dunno, but I do know the  first ports I tried always 
> have power, even with the machine off.  Those ports work fine for 
> everything else.  In my case, I was setting up to use with Android 
> Studio/adb, which did involve setting up a udev file (device was in 
> developer mode).
That is a fair suggestion to make.  I had a lot of trouble 3-4 years ago 
with my Samsung/Android and XP (in a previous life) and found that if I 
avoided any ports on my Hub (built into the floppy drive bay) and used 
the two on the front of the box that were connected directly to the 
mother board everything was quite reliable. Yesterday I tried the rear 
USB ports after being prompted to hunt around a bit by another 
contributer, but it made no difference to the phone.  I am just 
surprised that it was working, then suddenly stopped working.  I suspect 
very strongly that I have done something that I am totally unaware of, 
but have no idea at this stage how to analyse it and find a solution. 
Given the phone works ok on my sister XUbuntu machine just fine, I know 
it can be done.

Thanks for your interest and suggestions.

Cheers, Rob
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