[xubuntu-users] Can't print any more on 14.04

MR ZenWiz mrzenwiz at gmail.com
Sat Sep 6 22:49:40 UTC 2014

It's worse - I can't even print by piping output to lp.  All I get is
a series of blank pages.

On Sat, Sep 6, 2014 at 3:17 PM, MR ZenWiz <mrzenwiz at gmail.com> wrote:
> This is just another is an apparently never ending series of problems
> I'm having with 14.04.
> I have a Brother HL 2240 laser printer attached via USB to my machine.
> I'm pretty sure this was working last week, but now it can't seem to
> print.
> When I try to print an LO document, lpstat -t shows "Sending data to
> printer" but nothing ever prints.
> Part of the problem may be that this printer is not among those listed
> in the print manager, it goes from HL 2170W to HL2410ce.  I was using
> the 2140 driver, and that was working, but now it prints nothing.  If
> I send it a test page, I get blank after blank.
> WTF?
> MR

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