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Tue Sep 2 23:45:08 UTC 2014

Hi Peter,

Just an optimistic note of encouragement.  I recently installed XUbuntu and upgraded to 14.04 very much as a bog standard install as the house media center, ie watching catch-up TV.  One part of the family subscribes to Google Hangouts and it worked "out of the box" with my 10 year old USB Logitech camera/microphone (get a combo and don't use the laptop microphone, though my ten year old ThinkPad microphone works fine).  This camera had given me no end of trouble on the previous incarnation of Ubuntu c. 12.x.x and I was not optimistic, however XUbuntu picked it up and ran with it.  All good so far.  The other part of my family subscribes to Skype (which is what I had used with great difficulty on the previous Ubuntu installation, and was not feeling good about it). However much to my delight the latest Skype (2 months ago) installed and worked straight away also.

Another major frustration I had with the previous Ubuntu was problems with vision and sound, and this continued with XUbuntu ie no HDMI.  Fortunately a friend was dumping a dead motherboard and offered it to me, and I said I would take it if it had a HDMI video card.  So for no cost I could try it out, and it also worked perfectly with no extra set up or drivers etc etc  The previous board, also from NVidia, had given me no end of headaches and never worked through HDMI with sound!  The second card+XUbuntu just plugged into the HDMI and away it went.
So to end a long story, I think major improvements have been made in this area and I was very pleasantly surprised.  I have documented this (Logitech & NVidia models) here http://www.laketyersbeach.net.au/XP2XU.html



---- Peter Flynn <peter at silmaril.ie> wrote: 
> Until now I have had little time or need for playing music or videos on
> my Linux systems, and the few times I have tried, very little has
> worked. Skype used to work, but has gone badly downhill recently, and
> the SIP systems are unusable.
> I would like to be able to:
> 1. play music I download or rip from my CDs (most of this actually
>    works, except that I'm a classical music person, so the tagging
>    is largely meaningless)
> 2. use a webcam to videochat with colleagues (usually via some kind
>    of Flash-type net.meeting system) and with family (until now, Skype)
> 3. speak and hear for [2]
> 4. watch DVDs (and hear them too)
> So my questions are (given that [1] isn't really a problem):
> A. What webcam can I buy that is 100% guaranteed to work on a Linux
>    system AND be recognised by Flash-based systems AND Skype? I have
>    no problem if it needs some installation, libraries, and config, but
>    these must be KNOWN to work, not experimental).
> B. How do I make the built-in microphone on Dell laptops work? I have
>    old D610s and D810s, but even borrowing colleagues' newer systems I
>    have never found a laptop with a microphone that works under Linux.
> C. How do I make Linux read modern DVDs (movies) and play them? I have
>    several systems with DVD drives, but they only work for data DVDs;
>    any attempt to use them for movies (lots of different player
>    software tried) claims things like "can't find a chapter index" or
>    "no readable files found". I'm not talking about de-regionalization
>    (that would be nice too) but simply reading a DVD and playing it.
> (I know my current D810 hardware is working, because the system was
> running Windows 7 until I took it over, and all the above worked. AFAIK
> there isn't anything physical in the box that is bound to Windows.)
> Currently I am running Xubuntu 14.04 with Enlightenment, simply because
> it's light enough to work very nicely on a D810. I'm in the market for a
> new laptop, but I won't buy one unless A, B, and C are known to work (so
> I'm looking for recommendations too).
> ///Peter
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