[xubuntu-users] DVD iso burning 8X?

James Freer jessejazza3.uk at gmail.com
Mon Sep 1 22:52:50 UTC 2014

Since I bought a new PC a couple of years ago I haven't been able to burn isos 
and get the correct md5sum. Using both Brasero and k3b the min speed this drive 
can do is 8X. Every time I burn an iso it fails the md5sum. I tried DVD-RW 4X 
discs and that worked - but when I blank the disk and try to burn another it 
fails. It seems I have a poor DVD drive - are these modern SATA drives only 
capable of 8X. It plays DVD videos fine and seems to be ok otherwise.

I understood that the bigger the iso the more likely a burn is to fail. How 
reliable is burning a DVD?

My old PC only had a CD writer/DVD reader drive bought in 2005 - it's been 
faultless burning CD isos and I have only ever used 4X (it's minimum speed). 
Maybe it's old but never failed to produce a copy.

This newer PC DVD drive it would seem is poor at 'writing'. I'd be grateful if 
someone could let me know if they've had problems burning DVDs at 8X - were CD 
writers more reliable? I have always burnt an iso for each release install as I 
don't like USB sticks... perhaps that's what most folk use now.


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