[xubuntu-users] New LTS version 14.04

Neil neilwin at drofle.co.uk
Mon May 26 16:55:25 UTC 2014

I have installed version 14.04 recently, as a dual boot with the
previous LTS version 12.04. It is mostly going really well and I am
very pleased. Many thanks to the developers.

I have noticed one small problem though. To run an application as root,
or to run one where root is necessary, eg gparted, I used to either
use the normal menu item or the shortcut Alt-F2. In both cases a small
window came up for me to enter the root password.

Using the menu item in v14.04 is fine for a package that always needs
root.  If I choose gparted from the menu for example I am asked for the
root password. Fine. However using Alt-F2 does not work. If I just enter
gparted  I  get a message that I need root to run that program. But I
do not get any window asking me to input the password. If I use Alt-F2
and enter 'sudo gparted' and launch it the window simply disappears. 

With a program that does not normally need root, eg gedit, if I launch
it from the menu it opens as a normal user. If I use Alt-F2 and enter
sudo gedit then again the window disappears.

I can open a terminal and use sudo gedit, or sudo gparted and I will be
asked for the root password as usual and it works. However I must
remember the 'sudo' or gedit will start as a normal user, while gparted
with show a message that I need to be root, and it is up to me to work
out what to do.

So a bit of tidying up needed, unless this has already been noted and I
have missed it.



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