[xubuntu-users] Advanced User Settings window too big

Chris Spackman chris at osugisakae.com
Fri May 23 23:20:27 UTC 2014

On 2014/05/23 at 06:17pm, George F. Nemeyer wrote:

> Whatever 'do-it' or other buttons to make changes and/or cancel are
> not visible or accessable being down below the bottom screen edge,
> or obscured by any bottom edge panel .  This makes the window
> essentially useless, since no changes can be made to any settings.

Sorry, I cannot help with your question about the settings / config
file. However, a workaround for the moment might be
available. Usually, pressing the ALT key while click-holding with the
mouse will allow you to move a window. I have had to use it
occasionally in this sort of situation.

Chris Spackman

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