[xubuntu-users] Advanced User Settings window too big

George F. Nemeyer tigerwolf at tigerden.com
Fri May 23 22:17:03 UTC 2014

When invoking the "Advanced Settings" in a "User Settings" window, the
resulting window (and any spawned from within it) is taller than the
screen (1024x768, or 1366x768).  The content of this window does NOT need
this amount of space and could easily be half the current default as are
other "User Settings"-related windows.

The window CANNOT be re-sized vertically despite getting a resize icon at
the top edge or corner.  It CAN be re-sized horizontally.  The +
(maximize)  window button re-sizes to fill horizontally, but has no effect
in the vertical direction...it's basically ignoring vertical screen
boundaries completely.

Whatever 'do-it' or other buttons to make changes and/or cancel are not
visible or accessable being down below the bottom screen edge, or obscured
by any bottom edge panel .  This makes the window essentially useless,
since no changes can be made to any settings.

Is there some way to change the window default size in some config file
someplace, or at least manually make changes where ever they are stored?

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