[xubuntu-users] Ink Levels Epson Cups

Ian Prideaux ian at netgates.co.uk
Sat May 10 05:47:38 UTC 2014

Hi All,

I've done a clean install of 14.04.
I've got my Epson R200 connected and printing OK.

However, I can't query the printer to find the remain ink levels.

Cups says that the printer doesn't supply that info, which is nonsense, 
the printer shows ink levels using the windows driver, and I've used 
mtink successfully with it before.

Mtink & escputil says that it is unable to write to the raw device.

The docs say that the raw device is something like /dev/lp0 or 
/dev/usb/lp0. These don't exist. Using lsusb I can see that the printer 
is attached to Bus 006 Device 004, and /dev/bus/usb/006/004 exists, is 
owned root:lp, and has perms 664.

However, when I specify /dev/bus/usb/006/004 for mtink or escputl, they 
say that they cannot write, even if I run them as root.

I have got module usblp loaded.

I'm beat, please can anyone help?


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