[xubuntu-users] need help for logging into xubuntu 13.10

som drsoumalya-distro at yahoo.co.in
Sat Mar 15 05:11:54 UTC 2014

i am having a little problem with my xubuntu 13.10. until 48 hours back, it was working fine. i did not upgrade/update anything in between; auto-update option is disabled. while using it yesterday, suddenly i felt a sluggish behaviour. so i shut it down. the problem started since then. on the next boot, i encountered a black screen rather than the window system. 

pressed ctrl+alt+F3 and was able to log in from that point onward; but no desktop. tried chown username:username .Xauthority 

after that i was able to see the log in screen. now the biggest problem. when i am entering my username and password, it is refusing to acknowledge it; just looping back to the same page again and again!

what should i now do? thanks in advance.


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