[xubuntu-users] The new LTS version of Xubuntu

Bruno Benitez gridcube at gmail.com
Mon Mar 3 17:35:58 UTC 2014

Hello Neil. The configuration of xubuntu's theme will remain identical, you
can still add or remove as many panels as you want or wish to have. Xfce
has not changed that.

Whiskersmenu brings some useful characteristics to the panel management,
you can search programs fast for their name or description, for example, or
save favourite applications to be shown first in the menu, ofcourse that
the app-search of alt-f2 will remain available if thats what you want to
use, but this is integrated to the menu.

The wallpapers is a minor characteristic of the better per monitor
management settings.

I highly recommend you to test the daily isos, you can easily do so on
virtualbox, that way if you report any issue or opinion on
http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/ you can help Xubuntu.

2014-03-03 14:19 GMT-03:00 Neil <neilwin at drofle.co.uk>:

> AT the moment I am using the current LTS version of Xubuntu, 12.04. I
> see that the next LTS version, 14.04, is due out soon, with several
> changes listed.
> I have had a look at the new whiskermenu and so far I cannot see much
> difference from my current one. I also see that you will now be able to
> have different wallpapers on each desktop. Well, that was available many
> years ago when I was using Kubuntu, so it is not exactly new. Then it
> disappeared. Now it seems it is back.
> My main concern is how configurable the distro will be. For example,
> the first change I make whenever I install a new version is to remove
> panel 1, from the bottom of the screen, and to drag panel 0 from the
> top to the bottom. One of the main reasons for using Linux is the
> ability to configure it exactly to my liking.
> Has anyone on the list had a look at the Beta version at all? If so any
> comments?
> Regards
> Neil
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