[xubuntu-users] Still impossible to make Chrome the default browser in 13.10

Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Sun Mar 2 14:38:12 UTC 2014

This is still broken in 13.10. I installed Chrome, and now every time I 
click on a link in another application, it asks what browser I want to 
make the default (I click chromium-browser); and every time I start 
Chrome manually, it asks if I want to make it the default browser (yes).

Does anyone know why is this setting not sticky? Has someone in Ubuntu 
dev got it in for Chrome? Or is someone in Google just careless about 
how Chrome resets settings?

No-one appears to have reported it as a bug, but the discussion forums 
have lots of messages about how it doesn't work, suggesting various ways 
of hand-editing Gnome config files in an attempt to make the setting 

Does anyone know whose bug this is?


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