[xubuntu-users] POWER MANAGER in 14.04 --- Not Authorized

c. marlow chris at marlows.org
Thu Jun 26 19:49:20 UTC 2014


I have xu 14.04 set to go to sleep if no one touches the computer for 55 

But it never goes to sleep, and when you put your password in on the log 
in screen to get back to your desktop

I see this in the corner every time?


  So why am I not authorized or should I say POWER MANAGER which is 
where I set the setting to turn the screen off after xx etc, that all 
that works fine but when it comes to going to sleep without me having to 
fire up term and do the sudo pm-suspend, that the computer tells me if 
it tries it on its own im not authorized, basically failing to do what I 
asked it to?

This is LU-XU-TOO ( been using Lubuntu 14.04 but has too many issues for 
every day production, so I installed xubuntu on top of it and thats what 
I log into not LU.  )

fresh install of LU from a full format a couple weeks ago, then sudo 
apt-get install Xubuntu on top of that.

Ideas on a fix?


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