[xubuntu-users] XUbuntu 14.04 on Samaung ATIV Book 9 and Skype

Zenon Szalata zen.szalata at gmail.com
Sat Jun 21 18:58:03 UTC 2014

I have successfully installed XUbuntu 14.04 on a brand new laptop where I
replaced the Windows OS.  It is working very well.
I have one serious problem, I am failing to get Skype to work properly.
 Skype almost works.  I have followed the instruction found on www.skype.com.
 I have pulse audio installed.  In Skype options - Sound Devices the
Microphone is PulseAudio server (local) as the instructions say it should
When I click on "Make a test call" everything is going well, I am prompted
to record a test message, which I do, and the message does not play back.
 If I fiddle with the microphone gain in Pulse Audio, the best I ever got
back from the Skype "Make a test call" is some statistic noise.  It is
important to me to get Skype to work on this laptop.  I hope someone can
help me resolve this.
On a related topic, how can I verify without using Skype that my built in
microphone actually does work?
Thanks in advance.
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