[xubuntu-users] Im still seeing LU'S theme?

c. marlow chris at marlows.org
Thu Jun 19 16:06:53 UTC 2014

Hi Question,

Since I have LU 14.04 FRESH INSTALL as of last night Phil scared me so I reinstalled so I wouldnt have any dependency errors.. 

I noticed now that I have installed XUBUNTU on top of LU I am still seeing the LU splash screen at boot and it looks like the LU log in screen at boot up.

Is there a way to change that to all reflect XUBUNTU 14.04 and not LU?

see screenshot below:


The reason I switched was, I LOOOOOVE LU..... been using it for a few weeks now, but just has a few bugs that needs to be worked out that I have been discussing with them in the mailing lists ( im subbed to both right now) So I just throwed XU on top for now. and if I ever BONK XFCE I still have LXDE to be able to log into as a back up.


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