[xubuntu-users] Nvidia driver blanking out after monitor switch

R. Vide arvide at panix.com
Tue Jun 17 16:33:01 UTC 2014

After the requisite amount of pain and suffering, installing Gnome and
switching the display manager to gdm has fixed the problem.  If anyone can
shed light on why it was happening, it would be much appreciated.

> I have two computers and one monitor that connects via DisplayPort.  The
> Xubuntu computer has the Nvidia GT218, using the 331.38 driver from
> nvidia-331-updates.  I just upgraded it to Xubuntu 14, and ever since
> then, whenever I switch from a logged-in Xubuntu session to my other box,
> then back, the screen is black.  After a few seconds the monitor display
> pops up with the status "NO SIGNAL".
> This all worked fine in Xubuntu 12.  Here are the details:
> When I provoke the black screen problem, if I hit Control-Alt-Delete, then
> hit another key, I get the unlock screen, at the proper resolution.  I
> then type my password to unlock, and the screen goes black again.
> If I instead hit Control-Alt-Backspace, I get the login screen.
> If I hit Control-Alt-F1 I get the usual console login, when I hit
> Control-Alt-F6 to go back to X we still have "no signal".
> If I tell Xubuntu to use the X.org noveau driver, the problem doesn't
> happen.  But then I have a different problem, namely being stuck at
> 800x600 resolution on a hi-res monitor.
> There are four Nvidia driver options in the settings menu, the other ones
> are for 304.117.  I've tried all four and no difference.
> If I just leave the system on the main login screen, the problem never
> happens with I switch out and back.
> So whatever's happening seems to be related to my X session, so in theory
> it should be fixable by tuning something.  If I only knew what it was...
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