[xubuntu-users] How can I change the default graphical editor to emacs-nox

James Freer jessejazza3.uk at gmail.com
Fri Jun 13 21:15:51 UTC 2014

I have been learning emacs and wanted to use it as the default editor i.e. 
apply association so that I can click on a .txt file on the Desktop and enter 
into emacs. Why nox as opposed to standard gui version? - I find the console 
one a bit quicker and less dependencies to install.

I've been doing "lookup & learn" and come a little unstuck - thus grateful for 
a little help. I found this (below) and made the .desktop file. It provided the 
association in the 'open with' window. Went into properties and selected 
emacs-nox for .txt files. No icon?

File placed in home .local/share/applications/emacs.desktop
[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Edit text files
Exec=emacs %F

a] When I click on a .txt file it opens up the file in emacs-nox although the 
terminal window opens first small, and then maximised with emacs and the .txt 
file. But why - it does seem slow? I have set the terminal to default to max.

b] However, if I in Thunar go to .local/share/applications and click onto 
emacs.desktop - it immediately loads emacs in a maximised window which is what 
I want.

So it seems that something isn't quite right with the associations or ? and I'd 
be grateful if someone could guide me.


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