[xubuntu-users] Open Whisker Menu

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at rocketmail.com
Tue Jun 10 07:21:30 UTC 2014

On Tue, 2014-06-10 at 15:13 +0800, ZP wrote:
> So...how do you set the 'Super' key to act like...say...windows?  Is it
> even possible?

I don't know how to launch Whisker Menu for windows by the superkey, but
I already described how to do it for common *nix operating systems.


On Tue, 2014-06-10 at 08:14 +0100, Elfy wrote:
> This is the Xubuntu-users mailing list - if you want to discuss why 
> Xubuntu does what it does the way that it does - use the -devel list
> and get involved

It's important o speak as a user at a user mailing list and I did it,
killfile me, if you dislike sane opinions.

Btw. you did not answer the OPs question ;).

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