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Gary P. Charvat g.charvat at snet.net
Sat Jun 7 03:23:49 UTC 2014

Dear Sir or Madam

# 1 --
I don't know if I'm writing to the proper organization or not, but for 
those out there who are new to Linux, this might be of some help.  I'm 
an old IT type -- been developer and Super User of several UNIX sites 
(BSD, SCO, Data General, and AIX to name a few) but when I decided to 
switch from WindowsXP pro to Xubuntu the people here are great -- they 
helped me through the tough parts.

But I wanted to be self-sufficient -- so I researched the books on 
Ubuntu.  And I finally settled on two (2).  I purchased "Ubuntu 
Unleashed by Matthew Helmke" and "Ubuntu Linux Toolbox, 2nd Edition by 
Wiley" and I've been able to survive a couple of near disasters so far.

#2 --
There's a utility out there that enables a Ubuntu user to not only 
back-up their system, but to make the CD/DVD "live", so that if you had 
a crash, you could boot from the live CD/DVD and restore your system.  
The problem is that the gentleman who owns and develops/supports this 
application is quitting because several people have wronged hi in some 
way ( at least that's how he describes his reasoning on his web site.

It would be nice if this application was taken over by a qualified 
person/s and offered on the Ubuntu Software Center.

#3 --
I'm not a "player" of games on the computer -- but I do have a weakness 
-- train simulators.  I come from New York City and have for many years 
ridden the subway system.  There is an application that is available 
(both from the Ubuntu Software Center and from several web sites) - I 
have spent approximately a weeks amount of time trying to get it to work 
on my system by both utilizing the Ubuntu Software Center and 
downloading/installing from several sites, manually.

The application is OpenBVE (or BVEstation) -- and it does NOT work. I've 
downloaded/installed from the Ubuntu Software Center and it dies when it 
is executed.  I've downloaded it from their We Site (www.bvestation.com) 
-- followed their installation instructions (which are horrible -- 
there's actually 3 different installation instructions, each different 
and not comprehensive.  I've tried installing from another site 
(www.railsimroutes.net) to no avail.

It simply does NOT work...

And it should be taken off the Ubuntu Software Center facility.

As this is an OpenSystems concept application -- I followed their kluge 
installation instructions to load it on my Windows 8.1 system -- and 
guess what???  It doesn't work there either.  I have since uninstalled 
both versions ( the Ubuntu Software Center installed version and the 
manually installed version) from my Xubuntu system -- and I uninstalled 
the manually installed version from my Windows 8.1 system.

I hope this helps somebody out -- out there.  As far as I'm concerned, 
the Xubuntu Users Group are the greatest bunch of people when you are in 
a jam, systems wise.

Thank you...

Gary P. Charvat

Please excuse any typos as the individual entering this message has Parkinson's disease...

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