[xubuntu-users] Kernel panic.

"Gérald Jean" gerald.jean at videotron.ca
Mon Jun 2 12:39:03 UTC 2014


I am running Xubuntu 13.10 on an older machine, mostly runs fine. Yesterday though Xubuntu crashed two times while I had Chromium, Thunderbird and Emacs opened. I quit trying to run the machine after that. Both times I got the message:

«kernel panic not syncing attempted to kill init! exitcode 0x?????????»

Can't quite remember the exit code but something similar to the above with the "?" replaced by many "0" and one, or more,
numbers at the end.

I did a little Google search this morning but what I found is mostly over my head. I gathered it could be from a 
corrupted file system, or have something to do with SELinux???

Anyone could explain in simple terms how to diagnostic the problem and, if possible, how to fix it.

Thanks a lot,

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