[xubuntu-users] Sorry - sent mistakenly from secondary email address --- re: new project - new experience...

Gary Charvat g.charvat at snet.net
Thu Jul 10 13:00:25 UTC 2014

Dear Sir or Madam,

I now have one HP Pavillion laptop running under Xubuntu -- a second 
Pavillion laptop running under Ubuntu -- a HP TouchPad running under 
WebOS -- and now am working on my last PC, an older Compaq ( about 10+ 
years ) D300 trying to get it running under Lubuntu.

So, far I have been learning something new just about everyday -- which 
is what I enjoy.  Next process will be to get them networked together so 
my family and some friends can have access to the world at their ease 
and convenience.

BUT I am having difficulty in getting the GUI to come up when the user 
logs on -- or for that matter to come up at all.  And I've been reading 
all my manuals as well as going to user forums and blogs.  I read in my 
manuals that the GUI vs Command Line ( text ) is triggered by the entry 
in the  ( /etc/inittab ) file ( 2 for the GUI ).  But can't get it to work.

Anybody have any insight as to what I'm missing???

Gary P. Charvat


Gary P. Charvat
50 Greystone
Shelton, CT  06484

(203) 929-9187
eMail:  g.charvat at snet.net


Please excuse any typos as the individual entering this message has 
Parkinson's disease...

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