[xubuntu-users] launcher icon problem

Norman Silverstone norman at littletank.org
Tue Jan 28 11:15:10 UTC 2014

On 28/01/14 07:13, Norman Silverstone wrote:
> On 28/01/14 03:57, gridcube at gmail.com wrote:
>> I understand the need to enter the correct spelling the problem is where
>> do I enter it. In the first place the window appeared when I clicked on
>> the icon but that no longer applies because of the error message.
>> Oh, i see, right click the faulty launcher and go to its settings. Or
>> go to >panel>panel settings and the last tab on that panel should
>> contain all the launcher. Step over the faulty one and go to the
>> pencil icon to edit its properties
> The icon is on the bottom panel, not the top panel so it does not show
> in the >panel>panel settings. So, please, how do I access the bottom panel?
Problem solved by Settings Manager>Preferred Applications>Web Browser 
and selecting from the drop-down list.


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