[xubuntu-users] launcher icon problem

Norman Silverstone norman at littletank.org
Mon Jan 27 21:19:01 UTC 2014

On 27/01/14 21:07, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> On Mon, 27 Jan 2014 20:39:15 +0100, Norman Silverstone
> <norman at littletank.org> wrote:
>> In setting up an icon for a web browser I inadvertently chose a name
>> for the software spelled incorrectly. Now, when I click on the icon I
>> get a message Failed to Execute Web Browser because there was no such
>> file. How do I go about correcting this, please?
> You could edit the "launcher" or simply delete it and add a new one. Is
> it a launcher for the panel or for the desktop? Or for the menu? I
> suspect it isn't a link?
> If you don't know how to answer those questions, simply describe how you
> add the "icon".
Originally, the icon was in the bottom panel. After making the error I 
deleted the icon and then set up a new launcher on the desktop by rt 
clicking on desktop and then create launcher. However, click on this 
icon and the error comes up not a window to enter the browser.


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