[xubuntu-users] "Remote" Shutdown Hangs

Rog linux.rog at gmail.com
Fri Jan 10 22:04:11 UTC 2014

Attempts to shutdown Xubuntu 12.04.3 hang. I remote in using ssh.

Suggestions on how to remotely shutdown and not have a hung system are sought. 
(The system was hung for two weeks after I assumed that a remote shutdown had 
succeeded when I left town back in December!)

I can sudo reboot from a remote ssh session but not do a shutdown over ssh.

When try to shutdown over ssh from another PC, afterwards I see, on the PC 
that I tried to shutdown, the following:

First, the GUI / desktop closes and the shutdown progresses to this (as 
literally as I could transcribe it, including "<info>"):

    stopping Network connection manager wicd

    Start virtual private network daemon(s)

         No VPN is running

         Asking all remaining processes to terminate

    modem manager [2981]: <info> ModemManager (version starting

    modem manager [2981] Could not get the system bus. Make sure the message
    bus daemon is running! Message: Failed to connect to socket
    /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket: No such file or directory

This modem-start / no such file sequence repeats twice with different numbers 
in square brackets, followed by a final modem manager starting message.

Then, a hung PC with no response to ctrl-c or ctrl-d. Had to do a ctrl-alt-del 
to restart the system.


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