[xubuntu-users] Graphic card disaster

Tim tim at xendistar.co.uk
Thu Feb 27 17:26:03 UTC 2014

On 27/02/14 09:48, Michele Mor wrote:
>     Hi Dave.
>     As you stated, there's no xorg.conf file.
>     I've tried a couple of proposed solutions, but all of them involve
>     xorg.conf file and therefore are not applicable to the latest ubuntu.
>     I'll try to remove the fglrx packages as you suggested.
>     Note: after I start Xubuntu and I've got my blue and black screen
>     (there's no login screen) the command CTRL+ALT+F1(-F5) does not work.
>     If I want to revert to a command line (without x server) I need to
>     select Advanced Option in the Grub menu and then select the
>     "recovery" option for my latest kernel version.
>     Then from the menu I select the option to use root (can't remember
>     the exact wording at the moment!).
>     Will keep you update in the next few days.
>     Thanks.
>     Michele
Have you tried the sgfxi?


I ran the sgfxi script with an ATI card on Debian and it worked well (it 
also does Nvidia as well), it installed the ATI drivers for my card.

Looking at the Wiki it say it now been expanded to work on Ubuntu as 
well, so It might work for you if you can get to a cli.

The sgfxi web site can be found here




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