[xubuntu-users] Chrome keeps opening maximized

Tong Sun xubuys.xpt at spamgourmet.com
Fri Dec 19 04:33:55 UTC 2014


Chrome opens up in a maximized windows. No matter how many times I
resize it down it stays the same on new windows. I tried resizing the
windows then quitting Chrome, but still no luck. All other gtk apps
behave normally.

This is XUbuntu 14.10. I'm using fluxbox as my WM currently. It wasn't
like this before. Chrome was able to start in its normal size, as it
has always as been. This only started today, maybe my Chrome crashes
too many times recently so its configuration file is at chaos stage?

I also tried to start from command line, like this,

chromium-browser &

but it is still started maximized.

Any help? Because all the help that I found are for the Unity.


$ apt-cache policy chromium-browser
  Installed: 39.0.2171.65-0ubuntu0.
  Candidate: 39.0.2171.65-0ubuntu0.

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