[xubuntu-users] Help needed with Xubuntu and audio CDs

Tom Williams tomdkat at comcast.net
Thu Apr 17 13:57:30 UTC 2014

On 04/17/2014 04:32 AM, Fred Roller wrote:
> On 04/16/2014 09:53 PM, Tom Williams wrote:
>> Hi!   This is my first time posting to the list.  :)  I asked for
>> assistance with this problem I'm dealing with on Ubuntuforums.org but
>> didn't get any responses.  So, I'll try my luck here.  :)
>> I recently installed XUbuntu 13.04 on a system for a friend of mine.
>> The system had been running Windows XP and the hard drive died. So, I
>> put in a new hard drive and installed XUbuntu 13.04 on it. Then, I
>> manually upgraded it to 13.10. XUbuntu runs very well on the system
>> and most things work except for when I put an audio CD in the optical
>> drive. An icon entitled "Audio disc" appears on the desktop, but the
>> CD doesn't appear in Rhythmbox, Banshee, or Clementine. I _can_ see
>> the CD in Sound Juicer and in the default XUbuntu media player (I
>> forget the name, but it starts with 'P').
>> I've installed ubuntu-restricted-extras and xubuntu-restricted-extras
>> to no avail.
>> Any ideas on what could be wrong?
>> Thanks in advance!
>> Peace...
>> Tom
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> When you right click the Icon on the desktop does it give you the
> option to mount?  If so click mount and see if Rhythmbox sees the CD. 
> If it only gives the option to unmount then let us know we can take it
> from there.
> Fred

Thanks!  I'll give that a try and will report back here.



/When we dance, you have a way with me,
Stay with me... Sway with me.../
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