[xubuntu-users] Re : Re: Disable screen saver in 12.10

Fred Roller fredroller66 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 16 12:12:52 UTC 2014

On 04/16/2014 07:56 AM, "Gérald Jean" wrote:
> Thanks to Gérard and Ralf,
> I didn't even know the power manager was used to manage the screen in 
> that manner.  I changed the settings as suggested by Gérard but didn't 
> have time yet to test it.  On the other hand I tried to look up the 
> xorg.conf file as suggested by Ralf but there is no "/etc/x11/" 
> directory in my installation???  Could the file be somewhere else??
> Thanks again,
> Gérald

Try running :

$ sudo updatedb

from command line then:

$sudo find [name of file]

this is so you will have a tool in you knowledge base is all.  Teach 
someone to fish etc.


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