[xubuntu-users] Disable screen saver in 12.10

"Gérald Jean" gerald.jean at videotron.ca
Tue Apr 15 11:46:57 UTC 2014


I am running Xubuntu 12.10 on an Asus notepad, works great!!! Lately I connected it to and HD TV through an HDMI cable to watch movies in streaming. Works perfectly well, out of the box.

The only glitch I have is that I can't figure out how to prevent the screen from going to sleep and every 10-15 minutes the screen goes black and I have to play with the mouse to get it back, which is a little anoying while watching a movie!!! I went into Parameters > Screen Saver and setted it to «Disable Screen Saver», didn't work, I also tried all other settings with a refresh time of over 400 minutes, doesn't work either???

Anyone has a clue on how to prevent the screen from going black, or any other pattern, for an extended period of time???


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