[xubuntu-users] Xubuntu 13.10 Release Candidate

Elfy ub.untu at btinternet.com
Thu Oct 10 06:25:06 UTC 2013

Today, 10th October, the Release Candidate for the upcoming release will 
be available for testing, one last push and we can relax for a while 
until we start in on the next LTS cycle. [1]

We still have some known issues, you can find those noted during the 
Beta 2 milestone here at the Xubuntu wiki - [2]

Let's try and improve on the Beta 2 results - there was a great response 
to our call for that milestone [3] - during 13.10 Beta 1 testing, the 
Xubuntu images were tested 15 times by 6 testers. During Beta 2 testing 
the images were tested 83 times by 18 testers.

I'd urge people that haven't tried Saucy yet to try now - there will be 
little change between now and release.

I'll quote from Nick Skaggs [4] - he says it better than I would ...

    /I would encourage you to invite others who might not normally test
    take part in this as well. The RC images are "intended" to be
    release quality, so while backups are important (ALWAYS have a
    backup going for your system!), these are definitely test worthy
    images and should provide an early upgrade for most folks and a
    chance to skip the download lines on release day :-)/

On that point I'll thank you all for what you've done this cycle and let 
you get on.


[1] http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker
[2] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SaucySalamander/Beta2/Xubuntu#Known_Problems

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