[xubuntu-users] Starting services at boot

Marc Coevoet marcc at dommel.be
Wed Oct 2 19:07:52 UTC 2013

op 01-10-13 23:56, Peter Flynn schreef:
> Easy to see why: for some unknown reason, CUPS was no longer starting up
> at boot time. Manually using sudo service cups start allowed me to see
> the installed printers in the Settings Manager > Printers applet, but
> http://localhost:631/... returns a 404 File Not Found for anything
> except the port 631 home page.

I have 13.04, did ALL the upgrades, and still see no problem ...

And I even printed some pages ...  (I use my printer as plug and play 
device, I plug it in with a 3 meter extension usb cable ...)


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