[xubuntu-users] Freeze Problem

Hringhorne Stularsson hringhorne at gmail.com
Thu Jun 27 19:45:16 UTC 2013

The temperature in the room? or were you on the island is the question In
the latter case, the answer is easy, simply carry the computer indoors. You
know, this thing about stuff freezes depends offtast that it's too
cold. But you
have software problems, I can not help you ...

2013/6/27 Themistoklis Kardamis <themistokliskard at gmail.com>

> I recently install Xubuntu , after the install i download vlc
> When i watch a movie after some seconds vlc freeze .... then i move cursor
> or press any key to unfreeze , later i install smplayer and gnome player to
> find out if it is an vlc bug ,both player have exactly the same problem ,
> so is an xubuntu problem
> how can i fix it ?
> i need a solution because the only way to see a movie is to put something
> heavy to the keyboard !!!
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