[xubuntu-users] Xubuntu and UEFI

Darren Govoni darren at ontrenet.com
Mon Jun 17 13:25:42 UTC 2013

If you are going to dual boot Xubuntu and Windows 8, I had to disable
'Secure Boot' in the bios to get Windows to boot under UEFI from Grub.

I also installed a some ubuntu packages for UEFI booting (which themselves
didn't allow me to boot windows), so I'm not sure if they are also
required (search the archives here for more info) in addition to disabling
secure boot.



> I am going to order a new laptop, since the old one died on me
> yesterday. Since it will be new I suppose the machine will work with
> UEFI. It will come with no OS installed, so there should be no problems
> caused by Windows 8 or whatever. (I have not touched Windows for years.)
> I have a DVD with Xubuntu 13.04 64 bit burned on to it. I have had a
> look around the internet and I am getting more confused all the time.
> My question is, am I likely to encounter any problems installing this
> distro? If so can anyone point me to some help with this please? I have
> looked around via Google, but have finished up really lost.
> Thanks
> Neil
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