[xubuntu-users] Drag and Drop Annoyance

Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Sun Jul 14 19:01:11 UTC 2013

On 07/14/2013 07:35 PM, Michael Höhne wrote:
> David Wright wrote:
>> Hold Shift down when dragging and that will move not copy the file.
>> Cheers
>> Dave
>>> I think we all are more used to the files being moved when you drag
>>> and drop into other folders.
>>> How can I correct this odd behavior?
>>> thanks,
>>> Darren
> It works, but I personally think, this is only a workaround.
> The Desktop should behave like all other filemanagers and _move_ files
> to subdirectories. This is one of the (very few) things, I didn't like
> since I switched to XFCE.

I rarely use a GUI for file management so I hadn't even noticed this.

I agree it is not a good move to make it different from the way the rest
of the world works. It would take a very spectacularly important
development in a graphical user interface to justify breaking the
usability of such a feature.

Is this simply a mistake or what?


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