[xubuntu-users] New laptop running v 13.04 - and wifi

Steven Verner verner.steven at gmail.com
Sat Jul 13 14:01:15 UTC 2013

>> OK, so I have now checked it out, and it was indeed as simple as that.
>> The wifi was switched off!! It is now working fine.
>> I wonder why a new laptop comes with that switched off. No I am not
>> making excuses, just wondering. I should have thought of that.
>> Neil
> oh, oops, what, you didn't read the manual???<G> we all read the manual
> thoroughly before firing up a new toy, er laptop, right?? I have never
> had one with a switch like that ( all Dell laptops here) but my daughter
> had one.. HP I think.. I have run linux ( all flavors) on all my Dell
> laptops. The biggest issue I had was with Debian and the wireless
> drivers that had to be installed at boot time, it was always a pain!
> IPW2200 I think they were..
Two reasons. 1. Because using wifi uses up battery life. So if, per se, 
you're a businessman on the road tinkering with a presentation while 
waiting for your plane to take off, you might want to save some battery 
life so it will run the whole flight and still have plenty left for 
tomorrow. and 2. Security. If there is no wireless connection turned on, 
there is no way to hack into it.

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