[xubuntu-users] OT: How to handle multipart zip files

Joshua O'Leary jmoey139 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 21 22:27:00 UTC 2013

I don't think the zip -FF command is necessary - just cat *.zip > 
software.zip should be enough providing all the correct zip files are in 
one folder. Then just open/extract the software.zip file.

On 21/01/13 20:21, Anthony Papillion wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> So I've downloaded some software provided to me as a multipart zip 
> file. Now, I need to join the various files to extract them into a 
> usable form. This is what I tried:
> cat *.zip > software.zip
> zip -FF software.zip
> unzip software.zip
> Unfortunately, this doesn't work. What I get when I unzip the archive 
> are the individual pieces I originally cat'd. Can anyone help me out?
> Thanks!
> Anthony

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