[xubuntu-users] Can not login as root (Joshua O'Leary)

Garry at garryricketsonartworks.org Garry at garryricketsonartworks.org
Tue Jan 1 18:29:02 UTC 2013

Thank You Joshua,
 That will help me, as to the other reply, Sorry, I did not know, I could not ask that question on the Userslists , I thought that is what it so for.
 I never saw anything about "warranties", the version of XUBUNTU,I got, appeared to be "open source", It is MY computer, I should be able to do what ever I want, at my own risk, This is one of the main reasons I do not use windows. 
 As for "support" fortunately, there are all ways people willing to help, if one knows where to look, 
 So also thank you " Pasi Lallinaho " for the links posted, 
 I did not include the posts, because, I don't want to do anything more wrong.
 I am very aware of the "risks" involved, logging in a root, but also like to know I can, and have the right to, if necessary. Besides, if I "mess up" or make a mistake, I can always just re-install, my original XUBUNTU, from the CD I made and have, but I would, say the same thing to anyone, that it is best not to loggin as root, and to make sure they have good backups, and know what they are doing, if they do anything.
  Ok well , Happy New year everyone and again thank you for the help, those that did help anyway.
 from Garry

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