[xubuntu-users] iTunes on Xubuntu (was: Re: ThinkPad T400 - No Desktop (GUI))

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Fri Dec 6 22:26:47 UTC 2013

On Sat, 2013-12-07 at 01:35 +0400, Ali Linx (amjjawad) wrote:
> So, are you trying to say that PlayOnLinux/Wine is useless? In fact, I
> have tried that already on Lubuntu 13.10 on my 5th converted machine
> from Windows to Linux (Asus Eee) and iTunes never worked.

I didn't test the current version of iTunes, but it's very unlikely that
it will run on wine.

> Note that XP will reached its EOL soon and I have never ever used any
> Apple Products in my entire life and don't think I will so not really
> sure but 'I guess' iTunes needs an internet connection and as long as
> XP will reach its EOL (hence, StartUbuntu Project) in April 2014, I
> don't think I will go for that option for my neighbours unless someone
> with super high skills and experience can assure me that running XP
> with internet connection on Virtual Machine is 110% safe and secure so
> maybe that time, I can do that.

It's secure for the host and when XP gets broken, then restore it from a
snapshot, that's what virtual machines are for. The guest doesn't
provide security, it doesn't matter if it's XP or what ever new Windows.

> The main issue I am facing with my neighbours is 'Apple Products'.
> Almost everyone has an iPhone, iPad, ietc and tell you the truth, I am
> putting so much efforts to convince them about Linux, I don't want to
> re-do the whole work and install Windows for them as per their
> request.

I won the iPad and wouldn't buy one myself, but to be fair,
Linux/Android tablet PCs are unable to hold a candle to an iPad. For me
something Linux based would be better because I use the iPad to write
shell scripts for Linux and as an alarm clock. But just imagine people
who want to use it for real-time multimedia applications. Just take a
look at all the whining at jack devel and Linux audio user and developer
mailing lists. iOS is simply the better OS for mobile devices.

You are aware that multimedia is the main usage of tablet PCs for the
majority of users and that Google/Android/Linux-What-Ever don't have the
iOS abilities?

> I hope there is an easy way to get iTunes working on Xubuntu.

Yes, VirtualBox, Win XP home edition with service pack 2. But as already
pointed out, upgrading iOS is tricky. Upgrading software and syncing
files does work without issues. iTunes is disgusting slow. I don't know
how fast it is, when using it on a Windows that isn't guest in a virtual

You should keep in mind that many users who don't need real-time
capabilities or any of the advantages Apple crap has got, simply want it
as a status symbol, because they like the design, because they want to
go with the flow.

So first you need to ensure that they don't need an Apple product. The
Apple mobile devices have got advantages that Linux based devices
definitively don't provide and it even isn't planed to provide it in the
future. Assumed Linux based products are able to provide what the user
needs, than you need to start a psycho therapy, since some people prefer
the design of iPads, with all it's drawbacks. E.g. how can you change
the battery? They don't care, they are fans, they camp in front of an
iPad, because they really think, that Apple doesn't produce enough
iPads ;). Are you a trained psychotherapist?

You can use my signature, perhaps some care about this Apple issue?


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