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Fri Dec 6 21:35:34 UTC 2013

On Fri, Dec 6, 2013 at 1:33 PM, Ralf Mardorf <ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net>wrote:

> I can't care for the issues you experience, since I'm testing and fixing
> a completely buggy default Ubuntu Saucy install :(. Arch Linux is my
> main Linux and I guess I will switch to Debian or something else for my
> second Linux. *buntu becomes more ridiculous buggy with each release.

I have no time to try any new system at the moment (trust me, I have no
time even to try Kubuntu for example) and as long as I contribute to Ubuntu
GNOME and other projects, I think I will use these systems :) that might
change in the future? no one can tell except time. Until then, I will
dedicate my time and energy to learn as much as I can and at the very same
time, contribute as much as I can.

> However, I'm using iTunes too and it will not run on wine, you need to
> install a virtual machine and run Windows. I'm using VirtualBox, the
> same version on an old Xubuntu and Arch Linux, so they can share the VDI
> and additions can be equal. Guest is XP home edition SP2 and current
> version of iTune does work, just when you update iOS there's the need to
> virtually reconnect the USB connection 3 times. It might be that very
> outdated iTunes version will run o wine, but the user can't use a
> outdated iTunes for gear running iOS >= 7.0 and current version of iOS
> is 7.0.4.
> Regards,
> Ralf

If truth to be told, I was about to send a new email asking about this very
issue but since you have already started the discussion, you saved my time
to start that :D thank you!

So, are you trying to say that PlayOnLinux/Wine is useless? In fact, I have
tried that already on Lubuntu 13.10 on my 5th converted machine from
Windows to Linux (Asus Eee) and iTunes never worked.

Note that XP will reached its EOL soon and I have never ever used any Apple
Products in my entire life and don't think I will so not really sure but 'I
guess' iTunes needs an internet connection and as long as XP will reach its
EOL (hence, StartUbuntu Project) in April 2014, I don't think I will go for
that option for my neighbours unless someone with super high skills and
experience can assure me that running XP with internet connection on
Virtual Machine is 110% safe and secure so maybe that time, I can do that.

The main issue I am facing with my neighbours is 'Apple Products'. Almost
everyone has an iPhone, iPad, ietc and tell you the truth, I am putting so
much efforts to convince them about Linux, I don't want to re-do the whole
work and install Windows for them as per their request.

One of them already is asking me to remove Xubuntu and install Windows but
I offered him a face-to-face session to explain everything to him ... all
that to NOT install Windows. I have put so much efforts for the last 3
years and contributed (and still) to Linux so NO WAY I install Windows to
anyone. I might fix a broken installation for Windows but sorry, I don't
install Windows anymore.

I hope there is an easy way to get iTunes working on Xubuntu.

I can tell Xubuntu is more stable than Lubuntu and I just installed it on
my 6th converted machine (Xubuntu 12.04.3).

Thank you!

Remember: "All of us are smarter than any one of us."
Best Regards,
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