[xubuntu-users] Thunar shows wrong file size

Michael Höhne mih-hoehne at web.de
Wed Dec 4 21:54:46 UTC 2013

Hello Ali,

> I am not too sure that I did understand what you were trying to
> explain but are you having problems to check the file size that you
> are copying locally on your machine while the copy in progress? after
> the copy is done? I am not really sure what you mean here!

The file size is not being updated while the copy is in progress. Even
when the copy is done, the file size is shown wrong. I have to leave
the directory and go back afterward to see the correct file size.

> What I understood is the file manager is not being refreshed so that
> you can't check the size of the file which you are copying unless the
> process is done and you go to different folder and come back, correct?

Yes. And using the refresh button makes no change.
> It could be a bug but maybe someone else could confirm that or maybe
> someone else did understand this better than me :)

I had this some weeks before. After creating a new "home folder" the
problem has gone. And there is another user on my machine: When I
switch to this account the file size ist updated after the copy and the
correct file size is shown.


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