[xubuntu-users] Problem with Xubuntu 12.04 in a VMware Player

Stephen P. Molnar s.molnar at sbcglobal.net
Mon Aug 26 19:50:57 UTC 2013

On 08/26/2013 03:37 PM, Paul Cartwright wrote:
> On 08/26/2013 02:31 PM, Stephen P. Molnar wrote:
>> This may be a problem that should be addressed to VMware, but getting
>> a reply from that source is a pain on the nether regions of the
>> anatomy.  So, allow me to apologize in advance for any unsuitability
>> this missive may have to this group.
>> I have Xubuntu running in VMware Player v-5.0.2build 1031769 in Win 7
>> on my 64 bit laptop.  Everthing is fine until I shutdown the laptop (a
>> fairly frequent occurrence).  When I want to open Xubuntu on rebooting
>> the computer I get an error message form the VMware Player:
>> Error while powering on:  Transportation Transport (VMDB) error -44:
>> The VMware Authorization Service is not running.
>> The solution to the problem is found in MS Win 7 (wonder of wonders)
>> and involves running services.msc.
>> Googling the error message gives rise to four hits, three of which are
>> incomprehensible, at least to me. and the fourth is the Microsoft
>> solution (not reboot the system, for a change)
>> If anyone has encountered, and solved, this problem I would be
>> grateful for the information.
>> Thanks in advance.
> just curious, but why not dual-boot? You need to run Linux after you
> have booted into Windows? Or you need windows for.... work?
> I dual-booted my laptop for 3 years. It didn't really have enough ram to
> comfortably use VMware and keep working in windows.. I could play in
> VMWare, but not really do anything productive in Windows..
Thanks for  your comments.  I have not had too good luck over the years 
with multi-booting computers and rther hesitate to mess with my laptop 
as I use it for consulting visits.

I have a quad processor and 8 GB of RAM and don't see any noticeable 
decrease in performance in the VMware Player.  Besides I use it as a 
testbed for new applications before installing them in my native Linux 

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