[xubuntu-users] network information

Norman Silverstone norman at littletank.org
Sat Aug 17 20:23:33 UTC 2013

On 17/08/13 20:39, Ali Linx (amjjawad) wrote:
> On Sat, Aug 17, 2013 at 10:38 PM, Norman Silverstone
> <norman at littletank.org <mailto:norman at littletank.org>> wrote:
>     Could someone please tell me what Speed, in the Active Network
>     Connections window, means? For example, as I am typing this message
>     the entry fluctuates between 1Mb/s and 52Mb/s. This can't be my
>     broadband speed can it?
>     Norman
> Hi,
> www.speedtest.net <http://www.speedtest.net> - use this to check your
> Broadband Speed or the Speed that you signed for with your ISP.
> http://www.numion.com/calculators/units.html - use this to convert if
> needed.
> There is a difference between 1 MB/Sec and 1Mb/Sec.
> 1 Byte = 8 bits.
> The speed you are seeing is the connection speed of your machine and
> your router/whatever device you are using to connect to the internet.
> It has nothing to do with your speed that you signed for with your ISP.
Thank you very much for your reply, very interesting. So, is there 
something not right with my connection because it is not steady? Also, 
what sort of speed should one expect with the latest version of Xubuntu 
64 bit?


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