[xubuntu-users] xfce-session problem: can't logout, shutdown, reboot or open terminal

TOM TOM thomasthoma at gmail.com
Sun Aug 11 21:33:41 UTC 2013

Hello everyone,

I'd really appreciate your help and insight on this problem:

I'm running xubuntu 12.04 with xfce 4.10 updated from the xubuntu
developers' ppa
and the gala window manager.

Sometimes*** it's impossible to logout, reboot, shutdown or open a terminal.

This happens after the session manager fails to save the state of a running

(I don't want the session to be saved, the option in xfce settings is
unchecked, but it still happens )

I think it's related to this issue:
and this bug report:

***when issuing a reboot while alarm-clock and other apps are running,
     I get a message that the application's state couldn't be saved - and
no reboot.
    Rerying to reboot/shutdown/logout results in:
"Failed to log out. Session manager must be in idle state when requesting a
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