[xubuntu-users] Occasional hang

Tim tim at xendistar.co.uk
Tue Apr 30 06:46:12 UTC 2013

On 30/04/13 07:38, MR ZenWiz wrote:
> I'm running 12.04 and every so often, a total of four times now since
> about two or three kernel updates back, my system will get stuck in
> xscreensaver and just hang.  It could be (probably is) since the last
> update to xorg.
> There are a ton of errors in my .xsession-errors.old file, but I'm not
> sure wha they all are - lots are GNOME and NVidia errors I don't
> exactly understand, but I can google them.
> When the system hangs, it does just that - no keyboard input, no mouse
> response, even the num lock stays on when I type it to go off and the
> caps lock is likewise dead (off).
> What should I be looking at/for?
> Thanks.
> MR
I had a similar problem (although I don't use nvidia), only option was 
to turn the PC off via holding the button in on the PC for about 10 
seconds and then restart, I ended up doing a bios upgrade which seemed 
to resolve the issue. I am running a Asus P8H61-M motherboard.

Hope it helps


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