[xubuntu-users] 10.04 LTS to 12.04 LTS with xubuntu-desktop, e17, and do-release-upgrade?

Joe(theWordy)Philbrook jtwdyp at ttlc.net
Tue Sep 25 05:01:48 UTC 2012

It would appear that on Sep 24, theuteck-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w at public.gman...:

> 1. Upgrading from 10.04 directly to 12.04 is possible.  Upgrading from
> one LTS to the next will always be supported.
> 2. "apt-cache policy xubuntu-desktop"  will tell you if the XFCE meta
> package is installed.  ubuntu-desktop is the unity desktop,
> lubuntu-desktop is the meta package for LXDE, ect.
> 3. I have already upgraded and can't remember, but "do-release-upgrade
> -h" show the help file and it says -d will check for the latest
> development version, which at this point would be 12.10.  Just run
> "do-release-upgrade" and it will tell what version it will pull in and
> ask you if you want to continue.

1) I thought I half remembered something like that. I guess running LTS
   releases has the unintentional side effects:
	A)one tends to forget how one upgraded last time.
	B)If one does remember, but the recommended method changed one might not
	  be aware of it...

  Aside from which, Since Xubuntu (which is installed on both my Laptop and my
  desktop) is the only one of the 5 Linux distros I multiboot that isn't a
  rolling release model, I'm really out of practice. So thanks again for the
  "hand holding"

2) I'm not so sure that I was ever familiar with the "policy" option to
   apt-cache, but it sounds useful...

   I don't suppose there is a way to get apt (-get or -cache) to list all
   available "*-desktop" meta packages? 

   Though I doubt that it would mater much to me unless they develop one for e17.

3) Sounds like they really streamlined the user side of the process. I mean
   unless I'm still supposed to manually edit the sources to point at the 
   "precise" repositories. 

Which reminds me I'd better check to see if http://packages.enlightenment.org/ubuntu
even has a "precise" version yet... 

If it does, then since I just used my laptops antiX installation to make a
Lucid.tgz backup of the Xubuntu partition, then I'll likely wing it and
give do-release-upgrade a try...

I have doubts that {in the absence of an e17-desktop meta package} do-release-upgrade
will preserve my e17 installation. But as long as there is an precise repo
I'm sure that even my package manager dependent skills could reinstall it &
if not I can always restore my Lucid tarball...


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