[xubuntu-users] installation oddities

Sandy Harris sandyinchina at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 11:16:15 UTC 2012

I work as an editor and was forced to install Windows (boo-hoo) on my
laptop because Open Office did strange things on a file I needed to
edit, .docx format, multi-column with lots of tables and graphics. A
real bitch of a file! So I blew away Xubuntu, put Windoze on a 20 G
partition and re-installed Xubuntu on the rest of the drive. So far,
so good. Both OSs boot and the file has been edited. There are some
problems, though; hence this email.

First off, I installed at home where there are half a dozen wireless
networks visible, but none I have access to. Hence, I did not click
the "enable wireless" or "download updates while installing" boxes.
Fine, except when I went to a bar where wireless is available, I found
that Xubuntu could not see a wireless device. It looks as though it
discovers the device during setup but does not install the driver if
you do not use the device then.

Second, I am re-installing at the bar and it is working, but there are
minor problems. First, it did not give me an opportunity to choose a
server. Downloads are a tad slow since I'm in China and the default
server is not. Also, it is spending rather a long time (over an hour)
on "downloading language packs" although I have not asked for any.

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