[xubuntu-users] X3D / VRML / Freewrl Viewer Install Issues

Marc Coevoet marcc at dommel.be
Tue Oct 30 19:55:16 UTC 2012

On 30-10-12 06:53, Patrick Aquilone wrote:
>   And as soon as I add one (like missing zlib) there is another. I 
> have been doing this for three days now and am really tired.  I need 
> to get back to developing.  Can someone point me in the right 
> direction.  Either I need a way to install this and get is running or 
> install another x3d/vrml/wrl viewer.

It will be all dev files you need: install

zlib  version - dev

and the others, use the same comp the next time you develop, ...


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