[xubuntu-users] Version 12.10 and VBox

Mike Kupfer m.kupfer at acm.org
Sun Oct 21 16:54:01 UTC 2012

Neil Winchurst wrote:

> But note
> that all my other distros[1] in VBox are working properly with the GA's
> including auto-resize. Only Xubuntu 12.10 is failing. I have just
> downloaded Kubuntu 12.10 so let's see if that one is OK.
> [1] Kubuntu12.04, Xubuntu12.04, Mint 13 KDE, Mint 13 Xfce.

The problem with 12.10 is that it comes with a new version of Xorg,
which the VirtualBox 4.1 Guest Additions package apparently doesn't
support.  I don't know what version of Xorg Mint 13 uses, but I suspect
it's an older one that VirtualBox 4.1 does support.


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