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honeyshell honeyshell at honeyshell.com
Sat Oct 13 12:47:59 UTC 2012

Enarsan's question :
"Please I need help to uninstall several versions that got on my computer
and certainly now I take lots of disk space and now prevent me from using
Windows.I am very grateful in advance who can help me. I do not care that
the answer is in English. Greetings Enarsan"

I don't speak your language Enarsan but I think Google help me ;)
You tell us you want to uninstall "several version", but version of what?
Ubuntu? Windows? Please be more precise on your problem, and reply in
english, please.
If your problem is that you install to many linux on your computer and your
hard disk is full, the best way for a beginner would be to copy all
important data (documents, pictures, musics, movies...) on an external hard
disk. After that, insert an Ubuntu CD and install Ubuntu on the full disk.
It will erase everything on your computer, and you will have a new
free/beautiful Ubuntu. After that, plug your external hard disk and copy
important data in your /home partition.

If you can.., during ubuntu installation, choose to create a separate /home
partition. When you want to upgrade Ubuntu or change it for Xubuntu for
example, you will just have to keep the /home partition (don't format)
during installation. You will safe some installation time. But keep in mind
that it is important to back up (=make a copy) of all important data
(documents, pictures, musics, movies...) on an external hard disk.

Have a good day.
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