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   1. Re:  Permissions ,log in as root (theuteck at gmail.com)


Message: 1
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2012 11:13:37 -0500
From: theuteck at gmail.com
To: xubuntu-users at lists.ubuntu.com
Subject: Re: [xubuntu-users] Permissions ,log in as root
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On 09/30/2012 04:54 AM, Garry at garryricketsonartworks.org wrote:
> Hello all,
>  I am having trouble getting a .sh file to run, it is called setup.sh,
> and should run ok, but dose not, I did set the permission as
> executable, to no avail.
>  So I decided maybe if I log in as root, I could run it, how ever when
> I logged out, and then selected "other", for the login, and in "other"
> I typed in root as the user name, and got the password option, I used
> the same password, (the only password I used when I installed xubuntu,
> alteranate version),. Ok well I get "invalid" password, or password
> not correct, ???, on the computer that I use Linux Mint, I do log in
> as root, using the same password, as when I loggin as me,..(admin).
>   Ok, now if I use the terminal, and  sudo (command), I get prompted
> for the password, and it dose accept the password I use ,... One thing
> that may work, is if I try to run the file from the terminal, but I am
> not sure how to write the command, corectly IE: sudo (???,run or?)
> setup.sh , hope this makes sense, if any one tell me what the I should
> say, following sudo ?
> Thanks from Garry
> From Garry
> http://www.garryricketsonartworks.org
By default, Ubuntu and it's variants do not set a password for root
which has the the affect of preventing anyone from logging in as root. 
If you don't need root then don't enable it as there are plenty of ways
around this and thus prevents people from brute-forcing the root password.

To run a command with root privileges, you are correct that sudo is the
way to do it and then append the command; sudo ./setup.sh
Before you do that, you may want to try; bash -v ./setup.sh
that should spit out some information about why the script is failing. 
I suspect it is trying to copy something to a location that needs
root/sudo access.

Just to be curious, what is this script supposed to be installing?  Is
it form a source you trust?  I usually open a script from a source I am
not familiar with and read through it so see if it is going to do
something stupid.
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 From Garry:
 Thank you, the script setup.sh is for a compiler called qb64, I do trust the source, and use it on my laptop, but that is running Linux Mint 10, I also did look at the script, to see if there was anything wrong, it is ok. However I also found out, when qb64 compiles, it needs 500mb RAM, and I only have 260, so this is also a problem.
 I do have a swap partition, and have been told, that ubuntu can use that when it needs more RAM ?,..not sure on that. 
 Thank you from Garry

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