[xubuntu-users] Maya Xfce - should have known better

Neil Winchurst neilwin at drofle.co.uk
Tue Nov 20 12:18:24 UTC 2012

Recently I decided to update my distro. I have been using Mint KDE for a
long time, although both wife and daughter use Xfce.

Well, silly me, I chose to install Mint Maya Xfce instead of Xubuntu.
Right from the start there was one strange quirk, it was very, very fast
except for logging out. Almost every time I logged out the desktop just
sat there for a minute and then suddenly closed down. About once every
five or six times it closed down in about 2 seconds. Weird.

Now I am having a problem with the menus, which drop down but then
disappear when I try to choose an option. Also the icons for minimise
etc have disappeared. I no longer have any confidence in it.

Luckily I have set it up as a dual boot with my old distro which is what
I am using now.

So now I have learnt my lesson I am planning to install Xubuntu 12.04 so
I have downloaded the latest iso file and burned it to a CD. Yes I know
that there is a newer version but 12.04 is LTS and also it has been
around a little while now.

So if anyone has any advice before I go for the installation I would be
very grateful. I am also wondering how to remove Maya but still keep the
old distro for a dual boot. (Belt and braces!)



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